I actually never really wanted to pursue art as a career. My real passion has always been for animals. I wanted to be a vet, then a zoo keeper, then an ethologist.

I will open the doors to an animal sanctuary, rescue & cruelty-free creative oasis. At Bark Pointé — now being called Peace Pointé— people will see that each individual animal has intrinsic value and a personality of their own.

I will offer art classes for all ages at the Studio, while also employing talented members of the community to teach yoga, martial arts, fitness for all ages & levels, in a open-minded environment. Animals looking for their furever homes will be treated like guests in our home, which entails lots of love, attention, (manner-teaching where needed ;) ) and lots of healthy (and some not so healthy, but always cruelty-free) food. Potential adopters will be able to stay over in our bed & breakfast style lodging while they seriously contemplate a life-long commitment to one of our rescues.

Secondary to the goal of finding animals loving homes, but almost as important, is bringing together a community of animal-loving people. We will be looking for vegan businesses from food, to soap, to juices, to crafts, to coffee, to be a part of this journey. Whether they drive their food trucks into the parking lot, sell their cruelty-free food to lunch-goers or potential adopters, or they take up residence in the Cat Cafe, selling their coffee, while local musicians and artists color the atmosphere.

The Library, maybe themed by the wonderful Frog Prince Books, will share my illustrated books, as well as the stories and novels of other local authors and artists. Hosting read-alongs & Signings with authors & illustrators, hopefully creating fun memories for young readers while also showing them the value and possibilities of pursuing creativity. It would be wonderful to have local therapy-dog-teams to come and read with children who struggle in various ways- giving them confidence and helping them grow an appreciation for animals as individuals.

Peace Pointé will be a place for kindness. Children can play, learn and experience compassion on a new level. Hungry humans can find breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a quick dessert, coffee or juice. Those seeking wellness can enroll in classes, those seeking creativity can take art classes. Those looking for the best & kindest meal of their life, will have to head over to Chef Zack’s Wily Vegan Bar & Brewery for soul food, American classics with a menu featuring Japanese influences.

Too often visiting an Animal Shelter is depressing, smelly, noisy and dark... Rescue, Adoption and compassion are beautiful things and the people who work day and night to save our nations animals should be put on pedestals and called heroes. But instead their work goes almost unnoticed, there are always more animals needing help, there are always sad endings... but at Bark Pointé we will cherish these people, these animals, in a positive, whimsical manner. Peace Pointé will be the Disney World of Animal Rescue. 

-Morgan Spicer 



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