I've never really called myself an Artist. I actually never really wanted to pursue art. My real passion has always been animals. I wanted to be a vet, then a zoo keeper, then an ethologist. But none of these things seemed right. What is right, is my dream.

I will open the doors to an animal rescue like no other. At Bark Pointé children and families will see that no animal can just be thrown-away. Everyone deserves a chance at life, including feral cats, dogs with bad manners,  puppy/kitten mill survivors and disABLEd pets as well. I will offer art classes for all ages, from Life Drawing, to illustration, to painting, to comic-book art. Kids will learn to get in touch with their creative sides while appreciating nature. There will be a movie-theater, where parents can rent the room for pet-friendly birthday parties and fundraisers. Every week we will show an animated film and entry will be a donation or sponsorship of a animal staying at the sanctuary. 

There will be a ©Kitty-Cat Café and ©Doggie Bag Bistro. Local teens can hang at the Cafe, have poetry slams, drink fair-traded coffee, listen to the latest music. Kids and young musicians can come and play at the cafe. Local food and craft vendors can come set up carts and tents to sell their humane-locally-sourced wares on the weekends. 

The characters from my books will walk among the guests, dressed up humans in animal costumes to create family memories and hilarious selfies! Every Animal that comes to stay at Bark Pointé will be drawn and framed. Big Donors can have their own pets immortalized, painted on the walls of the facility or have a "hotel Room" named after them. 

There will be a library, where anyone and everyone can come and enjoy some reading along side our animal-senior residents. Visiting therapy dogs and cats can come and read with children with disABILITIES. Local children and teens can come and volunteer, where their time, energy and hard-work will be appreciated and rewarded by the staff and animals.

Inspired By Glen Highland Farms, there will be a bed and Breakfast where prospective adopters can come and stay with their whole family (that includes their animals of course) and see how one of our temporary residents works with their family. They can enjoy the trails and property while taking part in the day to day fun. Most importantly they get to see what a new addition to their family would look like before a commitment is made too soon.

Bark Pointé will be a community wonder-land. Where people and animals are treated with respect and kindness. Children can play, learn and experience compassion on a new level. Parents can instill responsibility and passion at a young age and enjoy themselves too! Too often visiting an Animal Shelter is depressing, smelly, noisy and dark... Rescue, Adoption and compassion are beautiful things and the people who work day and night to save our nations animals should be put on pedestals and called heroes. But instead their work goes almost unnoticed, there are always more animals needing help, there are always sad endings... but at Bark Pointé we will cherish these people, these animals, in a positive, whimsical manner. Don't think Animal Shelter, think Animal Oasis --- Bark Pointé will be the Disney World of Animal Rescue. 

-Morgan Spicer 



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