While Bark Point Studio has offered various products since its debut in 2012, these are the current options for new clients. 


Sketch $35

The Quick Choice

Sketches are like underdrawings to a painting, they are filled with character, and expressive lines. Your friend can be posed however you'd like, and small details and props can be added with no additional charge.


Illustration $75

The Classic Choice

Choose between various included backgrounds or go with the recommended classic look of a solid one colored background, to really show off your friend's character. Illustrations can include a collar, a toy or a small animal friend (options include squirrels, small birds, butterflies and bugs, a favorite flower or plant.) Your friend can be posed however you'd like.

Illustration with Custom Background  $100

The Dog-Mom & Cat-Lady Choice

Maybe your friend has a special quirk or talent, or a favorite spot in your own backyard. Don't let the classic Illustration prevent you from commissioning your own story, with your own ideas, references and photos. Commission a custom background to bring your friend's illustration to life with your own vision.


Background Swap $30 - $40

Want a new background for a previously commissioned illustration? Choose from generic options or commission a custom and personalized background based on your own photos, references or ideas.